Discover the benefits of compounding.

As an accredited compounding pharmacy, Spectra Specialty opens up more options for physicians and patients alike. Rather than pushing you toward a specific, one-size-cures-all drug, we offer a range of unique products designed to meet your unique needs.

Compounding pharmacies use the same, proven ingredients found in manufactured drugs but give doctors the flexibility to adjust dosages and account for potential side effects based on each patient's age, weight and medical history.

Our pharmacists prepare each medication in a small, individual batch to ensure safety and quality control. And because our prescriptions are mixed to order, we can easily eliminate fillers such as dyes, preservatives and sugars.

Compound Benefits

  • Multiple ingredients treat the symptom in different ways
  • Medication delivered directly to the site of the problem for fast, targeted relief
  • Easy to adjust strength of medication based on patient age, weight and history
  • Virtually no side effects due to low systemic absorption
  • Reduces need to prescribe narcotics
  • Great for patients with diabetes, allergies and/or intolerances
  • Creams and liquids accommodate those who have difficulty swallowing pills
  • Wide range of dosages and options