About Spectra Specialty.

Since 1959, Spectra Specialty (formerly Post Oak Pharmacy) has served doctors and patients by providing a wide selection of quality prescription drugs. What began as a small family pharmacy in Houston, Texas, is today a chain of specialty pharmacies located across the United States. We specialize in the creation of custom-mixed medications to suit individual patient's needs. For more about these safe, effective alternatives to mass-produced drugs, see our Why Compounding? page.

Our Mission

Spectra aims to provide a wide variety of compounded medications to doctors and patients. As a secondary goal, we seek to strengthen the connection between doctors, patients and pharmacists to produce the best possible outcomes. Our commitment to fostering quality relationships informs every area of our services:

  • We work with physicians to determine the right mix of products for their practice and create custom prescription pads (paper or electronic).
  • We offer opportunities for continued education about compounded medications in general and treatments from Spectra specifically. These workshops and seminars are also great places for doctors to network with others in their field.
  • We deliver prescriptions directly to the patient's door whenever possible, saving the patient time and energy and ensuring that the medication reaches the person it was intended for.
  • We reach out to patients to make sure they understand how to properly use the medicine prescribed to them.

About Our CEO, Bruce Gingrich

Bruce Gingrich is one of the most experienced and successful business leaders in the compounding pharmaceuticals industry. In addition to founding Spectra, he has helped develop more than 20 other compounding pharmacies including LifeChek Drug.